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* English Speaking Driver with Accomodation
* Parking Fees
* Highway Tolls
* Vehicle Related Government Taxes.

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Vehicle with Driver Itinerary Basis in Sri Lanka

For those who wish to travel Sri Lanka in their own way and with leisure, they invite you to choose a driver driven vehicle. Sri Lanka has now come up with the latest offer of providing you automobile on an itinerary basis. Itinerary means a planned route. Now you can get yourself a vehicle with a driver by providing the company with the road map of your journey. Isn’t it amazing that you can now travel the country without any difficulty of hiring public transport every time you wish to visit some place!! With many years of experience in this industry, the companies strive to deliver highest levels of customer service. The companies offer you the most modern and largest variety of fleets in Sri Lanka. You can now choose from the fleet on your own according to your choice, desires, and needs. The motor vehicles undergo the regular safety inspections and insured fully for the purpose of renting. This service of providing vehicles with driver on itinerary basis in Sri Lanka is free of hidden costs. The companies deliver satisfaction all the time and also guarantee value for money. The fleet of cars consists of various luxury vehicles, standards, air-conditioned vehicles and luxury coaches to settle-in different size of groups. The service that companies give is highly personalized for all its customers. They take pride in being able to provide high-class service in the industry, also offering a guaranteed replacement vehicle and also the replacement of driver in case of any emergency anywhere in Sri Lanka, seven days a week, and 24 hours a day. Hiring a car with driver on itinerary basis is the sort of convenience that you can get online. The cars are well-shaped and fully insured, and all vehicles are licensed. Renting a car on itinerary basis with a driver is the best and most suitable way for you if you want to take a tour of the country, other than calculating kilometers. It also avoids heated arguments with public transport drivers; you can experience different parts of the city hassle-free, and enjoy the freedom that cannot have in your daily routine. The companies are happy to help the customers with special demands and all other travel related queries.

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